What Rules and What Does Not Rule


Some stuff rules.
Other stuff, doesn't.

James and Shehzaad hate stuff but kind of like other stuff too.



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What Does Not Rule:

The Wendy’s In Frederick, Maryland

- So it’s like midnight and we’re starving just outside of Baltimore, looking for a place to eat, when we all see a Wendy’s sign and get super stoked. We drive up to the drive-thru, hoping it’s open, and lo and behold, it is! There’s five of us in the van, so we start giving the lady on the speaker our separate orders, and then she tells us that she can only do two orders separately. I ask why, and she says that it will take too much time, as other customers may want to order. Take into account that we are in the middle of nowhere and absolutely no one is ever going to order anything from this place, aside from us. Also take into account that if five of us ordered on one bill, it would take the exact same amount of time, if not longer to sort out who has to pay what. Her solution to this was for us to drive around the drive-thru two more times to get our separate orders. My solution for her was putting a gun in her mouth and sparing herself the trouble of going through a life of hardships such as separating the orders of five starving men who just wanted a mother fucking JBC. I hope everybody in Frederick, Maryland dies some sort of awful, painful death.


12:36 pm, by ruleage